You really shouldn't do these things on a date

17 Jun 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

You really shouldn't do these things on a date

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Dating, it is and remains difficult. You only have limited time to show how much fun you are. Especially in times like this, it is even more complicated, because digitally holding someone's attention is completely impossible. Moreover, you can't take her anywhere and a sleepover at the end of the evening is not really an option. Nevertheless, we have at least a number of things that you should not do during a date anyway. Both face-to-face and online.

Not too many compliments

There is nothing wrong with telling her that she looks beautiful. She probably did her best at that. You can also make a compliment or two during the date, but too much of a good thing is not the intention. Keep in mind that you don't compliment the same subject twice. If you have already told her that she looks beautiful, there is no point in saying a little later that she is wearing a beautiful dress. It seems like you're not really paying so much attention.

It's a date not an interview

It might be wise to think up a bit in advance what you might be asking for . You want to avoid uncomfortable silences, right? But it is not an interview or job interview. You don't have to know everything about her right away. If there are important things you should know, she will come along with that. Let the conversation flow naturally and jump in with something that can actually be interesting. No one needs to know right away about divorced parents or unhappy work situations.

Don't make it too big

Please don't run too fast. It is currently difficult to plan business anyway, but already inviting her to go to a festival together next year can be too much of a good thing. The intention is probably good, but if this is just a first or second date you may not want to do it. That is like starting a conversation in the first Tinder about living together or getting married. Take it easy and you will see if it is fun.