You walk in shoes like this!

18 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

You walk in shoes like this!

© Shutterstock How do you prevent blisters?

The perfect outfit is of course not complete without a nice pair of shoes. However, new shoes have a common problem: they are not nearly as comfortable as the old pair that you have been wearing for a while. But remember, this pair was not cast in the beginning either. How do you ensure that your new pair of shoes does not give you sore feet?

Deodorant roller

Perhaps not the first thing you think about with sore feet, but a deoroller can be the solution offer. Often the toes and heel are the culprits. When you go over this with a roller it prevents friction and with this you reduce the chance of blisters.

Extra shoes

Are you going out on the road with your new walkers? Just to be sure, put an extra pair of shoes in your bag. This way you will not be faced with unpleasant surprises.


Fortunately, wearing socks is totally hip again. Even the white sports sock is regularly seen in the streets. And socks can help you get less sore feet, because they stretch your shoes. As your feet are generally a bit thicker in the evening, you can still wear the shoes at home for a few hours with a pair of socks if the white sport sock is not your thing.

Wet newspapers

Do you immediately feel that this pair of leather shoes will cause you pain? Put wet newspapers in the shoes and leave them in overnight. Take them out the next day. Keep in mind that you do not put in so many newspapers so that it is at the expense of the shape of your shoe.

Shoe tensioner

Another good solution is a shoe tensioner. They stretch your shoes, as it were, so they don't sit tight around your foot. In addition, they also ensure that the shape of your shoes stays beautiful.

Potato In the home, garden and kitchen resources category, a potato can also help with smooth footwear. Peel them, wash them and put them in your shoe. The same applies as for the newspapers, note that it retains its shape. After a night in the shoe, your shoes are stretched. One reason to choose the potato is because it has another effect: the potato appears to be an excellent fragrance eater.

Blow dry

You can also use your hair dryer for your shoes. You put on socks, your shoes and then you heat the shoes with your hair dryer. The heat makes them smoother. Keep the shoes and socks on for a while after blow-drying so that they can mold to your feet.

Blister plaster

Is buying blister plasters the solution? When you use them preventively for the places that usually bother you, you are already well on the way to combat them. You can of course also take them 'in case'.