You want to know these 5 surprising vaseline beauty hacks

13 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

You want to know these 5 surprising vaseline beauty hacks

© Tessa Gorgosz You want to know these 5 surprising vaseline beauty hacks

There are a million beauty claims that promise to make your daily routine easier, faster and cheaper. A good example? Vaseline. The simple stuff can give your makeup routine a boost.

1. Eye gloss

Eye gloss is completely trending. Having shiny eyelids has been a beauty trend for a while. Apply a blushy eye shadow on your eyelids and add a layer of vaseline. A bit of mascara completes the glossy look completely.

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2. Mascara

Vaseline can define your eyelashes, just like a mascara. Apply some Vaseline to your eyelashes and gently push them upwards. The result? Okay, it's not a life-changing look, but it's a small lift if you want to avoid the heavy makeup.

3. Make-up remover

Claiming that vaseline can remove a dark eye look is a brave promise to make. But many people swear by the greasy substance. It is a bit messy but it really works. Afterwards, make sure you wash the greasiness off your face to prevent pimples.

4. Highlighter

Finding a highlighter that looks natural and doesn't leave a ton of glitter on your face is difficult. Apply a little vaseline to your cheekbones and the bridge of your nose. For a little more shine you can add a little bit of eye shadow on top. The final result? A surprisingly good highlighter.

5. Nail polish

Vaseline can help you to varnish your nails. How? By adding a protective layer to your skin, it will form a barrier between your skin and the paint. Apply the jelly around your nails and start painting as you normally would. Once dry, you can easily remove the errors (and the vaseline) with a little water.