You will find the perfect winter sports outfit this season

18 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

You will find the perfect winter sports outfit this season

© Unsplash / Bradley Dunn Winter sports outfit

Fun, winter sports. But when it comes to sliding down the slopes a little stylishly, few people have eaten cheese (fondue). Fortunately, with a few simple items you can take your winter sports outfit to the next level. The most important rule is, as always, keep it simple. Then of course the question is, are you going for the young snowboarder look or are you more of a classic skier?

Snowboarding in style

As a snowboarder you often dress slightly differently than the skiers among us. It may be flashy, but choose a statement piece. We advise against a brightly colored jacket with other neon-colored pants, but one of the two is possible. Have fun, although we are not fans of very large logos. Also important, if you are going to purchase a helmet, take a quiet version anyway. There is a good chance that it lasts longer than the rest of your winter sports outfit (if you don't fall too hard) and then it is easy to combine next season.

Classic on the slopes

If you belongs to the second category, then we recommend that you turn on any James Bond movie. There is a good chance that the secret agent in question will appear in a very stylish winter sports outfit. Go for a simple suit, because even on the slopes that is still a good option. What do you think of a dark blue copy or the gray-brown ensemble that Pierce Brosnan wears in The World Is Not Enough. if you travel to your winter sports destination. There is nothing as stylish as a cream-colored, gray or black copy under your jacket. By the way, an old-fashioned Norwegian sweater always works well, à la Mart Smeets. Keep it quiet underneath with dark trousers with a good pair of snow boots in the snow. Oh yes, do not forget to lubricate, because nothing is as uncharacteristic as a red head. A good winter sports outfit cannot straighten everything out.