Your partner should never ask this of you

13 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

Your partner should never ask this of you

© iStock If your partner really loves you, then there are certain things that he or she will probably never ask of you.

In a relationship you should be able to discuss everything with each other, but it can be a bad sign if you are going to demand things from each other. It is especially problematic if your partner demands the following from you.

Giving up hobbies or passions

Of course it is not ok if you do not have time for your partner because you are too busy with your hobbies and passions. However, your partner must understand that you will not completely give up these things for him or her. Because they are part of your personality and by asking if you want to quit, they actually ask you to drastically change who you are.

Change your mind

Want your partner that you pose differently for friends or family? He or she may be afraid that you would not be accepted otherwise, but partners who really love you are not ashamed of you and will take it for you. If your partner asks you to behave in a certain way or dress for other people, you may get the feeling that you are a kind of trophy instead of a full partner.

See your phone < / p>

If your partner wants to see what you are up to on your phone, there is a lack of confidence. You cannot solve this by constantly checking each other out. You must find a way to build trust or end the relationship. It can also be a sign of unhealthy dominance if your partner wants to examine your phone.

Sharing bad habits

A partner who loves you and smokes really shouldn't ask if you want to try it too. Even if, for example, you have stopped drinking permanently, a loving partner will never ask you to have a drink. Your partner should not encourage bad behavior.

Do not see friends or family again

It is never a good sign if your partner asks that you no longer see certain friends or family members. A partner trying to isolate you can be very unhealthy for you. If you are dealing with bad influences in your family or circle of friends, then it should be your own choice to break the contact.