Your souvenir does not fit in your suitcase, and then?

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Your souvenir does not fit in your suitcase, and then?

It says â € ˜ie; the ideal holiday souvenir that you have always dreamed of. Such a beautiful Oriental carpet, a handmade wooden statue, a fantastic piece of furniture, musical instrument or the most beautiful Buddha you have ever seen. Only that suitcase… that is too small for your dream souvenir. And then?

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There are different ways to get your souvenir home. Put it on the plane, send your souvenir by mail, choose a courier or hire a mover. Always check in advance that you are not trying to smuggle out prohibited souvenirs out of the country, because you would rather stay in the holiday bubble for a while.

Take import duties into account

First of all; good to know that you always have to take into account import duties and rules. It would of course be a huge downer if you are faced with unexpected costs or if your new acquisition does not enter the country at all. Within the EU, you can simply take the legal baggage from one country to another without having to pay taxes and import duties. You pay duty on alcohol. For souvenirs from non-EU countries cheaper than € 22, you do not pay import duties or VAT. If your souvenir costs between €22 and €150, then you do not pay import duties, but rather VAT. If you have thrown a lot of money and paid more than € 150 in a non-EU country, you pay both import duties and VAT. â € œNothing to declare? â € So that is! This also applies if you send a souvenir. Tip! Sometimes you do not have to pay import duties if you receive a certificate from the retailer so that you can prove that your souvenir was made in that country. Always ask for it.

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Take the souvenir on the plane

Does your souvenir weigh less than 20 kilos? Lucky you! Then you can dump all your clothes at your holiday buddy and check in your souvenir yourself. After all, you can check in at most companies up to 21 or 23 kilos. You can pay extra for € 30 per kilo (KLM), but be careful that your souvenir does not have different dimensions; larger than 100 cm long, 65 cm high and 75 cm wide with a maximum of 350 cm long, 100 cm high and 100 cm wide. Then it will be extra and that can be an expensive joke. At KLM, luggage with a different size can easily cost around € 400. Tip! Always report special luggage to the company one day in advance. That saves you hassle, and can also give you a discount.

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Send souvenir by post

Find a local post office and book a one-way ticket for your souvenir by post. Still the most economical way if â € ˜they do not fit in your suitcase, but cheap is different. And it takes a very long time until you can give your â € ˜ holiday loveâ € ™ a place in the house. The costs vary per provider. For example, you can send a souvenir with the local postal service in India for only € 30. And now we hope that â € ˜you will arrive! The price is determined by the weight and size of the package, but also by the material that the souvenir is made of. Keep that in mind. And always check with the shopkeeper where you buy your souvenir or you can use his shipping service. A smart shopkeeper arranges everything for you. Luxury hotels such as Hotel Steigenberger Al Dau Beach (Egypt) and Hotel Palace of the Lost City (South Africa) also do this with love for you. It is worth looking at the hotel manager.

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Send your souvenir with a courier

Do you think speed is more important than budget? Then choose a courier. With a courier service you have your new acquisition a lot faster at home than with the mail and you have usually found a courier in no time. Think of UPS, DHL, TNT and DHL. Costs a hefty penny (think twenty kilos for € 200) but it is also done in no time and you can follow your package. © Offered by Zoover Media BV

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Send your souvenir with a mover

If you really have a gigantic holiday memory on the head, then an international moving company might be the best option. But your souvenir must be very expensive, because prices often start at € 1000. The price depends on the amount of souvenirs, the weight, the material and the shape. This makes rectangular or square things easier to move and therefore also cheaper. Source (s): Plus Magazine, Plus Online.