You're the coolest guy ever with the McSneaker anyway

13 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

You're the coolest guy ever with the McSneaker anyway

© McDonalds McSneaker

We all know that women first look at a man's shoes to assess whether he could possibly be a suitable partner. If you want to be sure that every woman is coming at you, then there is only one kind of shoe that takes care of that. No, not a perfectly polished Morjas Oxford in oxblood. The McSneaker of course!

The Hidden Gift Calendar

All those fast food junkies know that December is not the month of Sinterklaas or Christmas or New Year, but the month of the McDonalds Gift Calendar. To give it an extra boost this year, in addition to the usual discounts (come on with the Big Mac for a euro), the hamburger chain also has a real Hidden Gift Calendar.

Participants can go through from mysterious directions in the McDonalds app to win a variety of prizes ranging from a digital camera to eating a Big Mac in New York. And the McSneaker is added as a topper.

The tailor-made sneaker

These exclusive sneakers are designed by Vijz Bespokes. Sam van IJzendoorn, as the customizer is called in daily life, will make the shoes exactly on the foot of the winner. So you get unique sneakers if you win. Normally you lose a small back for a pair of worked shoes, so participating in for a chance to win these McSneakers can certainly pay off.

From today you can use the app again for those discounts with our friends with the big M. And so also look at the mysterious clues about the Hidden Gift Calendar. Good luck and let us know if you've won.